Is Coaching For You?

The number one benefit you will

get from this work is greater trust

in your ability to respond calmly

and confidently with anything that

shows up - to feel what you need to

feel and to act on your valued goals,

commitments, and relationships.    

I have coached leaders, parents, educators, professional athletes, entertainers, & health care professionals. I have worked with:

People who are struggling with stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

Couples and teams who seek more trust and clarity in their relationships. 

Individuals who are seeking a change in career or a greater sense of purpose or calm in daily life.


The most important thing I have found is the tremendous value of looking at our lives with rigorous honesty and kindness. From this stance, we find the wisdom and discipline to put more energy into what is working and less into what is not.   


Working with a coach (or at least with me )  might be a bit different than some people are used to. Because the bottom line is always your growth and wellbeing, 

sometimes it can be challenging and uncomfortable, and at other times it 

can be fun, funny, and genuinely invigorating.

                                                                                   Here's what you can expect:During our                                                                                           time together, I listen as carefully as I can                                                                                     and ask a lot of questions so that I can                                                                                           understand your situation and unique                                                                                             experience. 


                                                                                   I may share some information and                                                                                                     perspectives from neuroscience,                                                                                                     psychology, enduring wisdom, or my own                                                                                     experience. 


                                                                                   You will always leave the session with                                                                                             homework in the form of practices                                                                                                   designed to build the internal resources and skills you need to work  peacefully and powerfully with any set of circumstances. The practice is where the power is. What you do between coaching sessions is where the most insight and growth will come from. 


The strength of a coach/client relationship

comes in the support and accountability. I

will be 100% in your corner. This means that

I will challenge you (as compassionately and

directly as possible) to address blindspots,

ineffective behavior, and limiting perspectives.

I will also challenge you to see the strengths

and genius you already possess. And finally,

I will hold your feet to the fire (again, with kindness) when it comes to keeping your commitment to this process and to your personal practice.

I have found that while "one off" sessions can be helpful, they don't really change lives. Therefore, I work with people in a series of 12 sessions. The cost for this series is $3000. I know that this is a lot of money, and I am ALWAYS willing to discuss financial aid. By charging a full rate to those who can afford it, I can extend my services to more people who cannot. 

The opposite of anxiety is not calm, the opposite of anxiety is trust in your ability to face whatever shows up.


"You are changing lives – I know you have changed mine for the better."

~Matthew Briger, Owner, Sola Salons


"If you are interested in mindfulness and positive work-life balance Dave is fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with the positive influence of working with him."
~Stephanie Harman, Head of School, Countryside School


"Dave is one of the few people who inspires me to be a better person. One key to his natural leadership is the fact that he lives the life we all aspire to."

~Greg H. Kubicek, CEO, Holt Inc.

"Dave’s understanding of the mind and nervous system gives him the ability to reveal your true strengths. He has guided me to realize that the world of possibilities is limitless – his passion for helping people fulfill their true potential is incredible." ~ Emily Olson, IT Project Manager, Novacoast

"Dave is THE REAL DEAL. His integrity, honesty, and way of helping others consider new approaches to dealing with life’s challenges are qualities that we don’t find often. That is something more than money can buy or words can express." ~ Melanie Chapman Los Angeles, CA

"Dave’s model of wellbeing combines a neuroscientific approach with personal awareness. He has taught me how to respond to my emotions in a profoundly positive and productive way. Dave is one of the most inspiring people in my life." ~ Alexx Temena, Designer, Providence, RI

"The work I have done with David, and the techniques and tools he has shared with me, have been transformational. It has had an immediate and sustainable impact on my family relationships, my business results, and my general wellbeing."  ~ Dan Greenleaf, President and CEO, Home Solutions


"Dave is a breath of fresh air and incredibly good at what he does."

~ Julie Amberg, Head of School, Cascades Academy

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