The opposite of anxiety is not calm, the opposite of anxiety is trust in your ability to face whatever shows up.

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Healthy Culture & Leadership

No matter how carefully we plan, there are always uncontrollable variables in life. Extraordinary organizations are those that respond without losing focus on what matters most. The culture of an organization is not what is written on the mission statement — it is what people practice daily.


Imagine if every member of your team:

  • Consistently refocused on what is most important

  • Took complete responsibility for what is under their control

  • Communicated quickly and effectively about challenging issues

  • Could turn any problem into an opportunity

  • Took care of their own wellbeing

Whether it is through on site training, facilitation in a retreat setting, or ongoing consultation, Applied Attention has helped organizations create powerful cultures where possibilities are routinely converted into capitalized opportunities. Members of your community will have a deeper understanding of the choices they have in the face of challenging circumstances.

By addressing the neuroscientific realities that cause good initiatives to fail, training from Applied Attention creates healthy, productive cultures and improves bottom line results. This training may be the single greatest investment that a business can make.

Applied Attention provides:

  • Individual coaching

  • Team training

  • Onsite and offsite retreats

  • Ongoing accountability support

Specific applications and customized trainings include:

  • Increasing Focus and Decreasing Stress

  • Using the Power of Discomfort

  • The Practice of Difficult Conversations

  • Listening and Observing to Transform Relationships

  • Authentic Confidence and Creativity

  • Meetings that Create Meaningful Results

  • Coaching Mindfully for Performance

Clients include:

The Federal Reserve, Simply Good Foods, Subaru, MMD, Quadriga Arts, Home Solutions, Balance Financial, CATDC, NBKC Bank, WPO and YPO, Tiger21, Cottage Health Systems, Japanese Ministry of Education, Stanford University, The University of Wisconsin, National Association of Independent Schools, New York State Association of Independent Schools, Independent School Association of the Central States, Colorado Academy, Albuquerque Academy, Head Royce School, Heritage Hall School, Casady School, Louisville Collegiate School, Harpeth Hall School, Cascades Academy, San Domenico School, The Bishop’s School, Fountain Valley School, Rye Country Day School, Urban School, and more.

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We have choice, not control 

Dave’s warm, genuine and engaging personality and style have allowed him to make meaningful and lasting connections with the individuals he speaks to. His open and joyful approach have made him our highest rated presenter.

~ Jill Webb, ISACS Director of Professional Development


Your keynote was the best in our history. The breakout was equally compelling. I have received so much positive feedback. You are changing lives – I know you have changed mine for the better. ~Matthew Briger, Owner, Sola Salons


If your school is interested in mindfulness and positive work-life balance Dave is fantastic. We partnered with him for a whole year and couldn’t be happier with the positive influence of working with him. 
~Stephanie Harman, Head of School, Countryside School


We are so grateful for your visit. I don’t think we can overestimate the positive impact you have had on our community. I’ve received emails from parents saying the presentation was transformational, and I’ve had conversations with many others expressing the same. ~ Armistead Lemon, Upper School Director, The Harpeth Hall School


Dave is one of the most gifted speakers I have ever heard. He is inspirational, and in fact is one of the few people who inspires me to be a better person. One key to David’s natural leadership is the fact that he lives the life we all aspire to. ~Greg H. Kubicek, CEO, Holt Inc.


Dave is an engaging, thoughtful presenter who always involves participants in interactive, enriching experiences. I cannot recommend him highly enough. ~ Barbara Swanson, NYSAIS Director for Professional Development


Your workshop was the most valuable one I've ever been to; in addition to the fact that you’re an engaged and engaging speaker, I can't think of another workshop I've attended that offered so much to make me a better person as well as better professionally. ~ Mike Stanitski, Colorado Academy.


You are a breath of fresh air and incredibly good at what you do.

~ Julie Amberg, Head of School, Cascades Academy


Awareness & acceptance of what is going on inside us creates the space and opportunity for choice. 


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