He has helped start an international leadership academy that serves students from more than sixty countries. He has served as a lecturer in The Purpose Journey at Stanford University, and he is an advisor to The Wayfinder Project and Balance Position.

Leadership Coaching


At Applied Attention, the goal of leadership coaching is to help the client increase effectiveness in facilitating healthy culture & growth among their team members. The primary responsibility of the coach is to focus on supporting the growth of the client. While solid rapport, trust, and understanding between the coach and the client are critical, comfort is never the focus. It is important for the client to go into this process with the understanding that working with a coach can be quite rigorous and challenging.


Sessions are typically an hour in length.  


Coaching will focus on four areas of leadership.


  1. Being present to the members of the team, accepting the inevitable challenges and discomfort that comes with leadership, and working skillfully with both internal and external resistance


  1. Keeping the mission in the forefront when making decisions, taking values-based actions, and prioritizing integrity in keeping relationships and fostering relationships.


  1. Accessing internal resources such as patience, courage, compassion, and gratitude, practicing the positive culture you are trying to create, and communicating directly and clearly with members of the team.


  1. Understanding the needs and values of the team, celebrating successes and milestones, and holding members of the team accountable for professional standards and commitments.  


Coaching will address critical leadership questions:


Does my team feel known?

Does my team feel trusted?

How do I own the culture of my team?

What is working?

What is not working?




Applied Attention Coaching & Consulting

Dave Mochel   805.450.5428   dave@appliedattention.com   www.appliedattention.com

At Applied Attention, we offer coaching, keynote speaking, and training and workshops on HEARTY leadership for current and aspiring leaders. 

Define hearty leadership and the skills that are supported. Identify what leadership coaching looks like. 


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